I am a mom
I am a daughter
I am a friend
I am an entrepreneur
I am a teacher
I am a co parent
I am a coach
I am a student
I am a human being.

These are the labels for all the relationships I have on a daily basis. Relationship dynamics and the creation of well-being through harmonious relationships has become my way of life and my passion.

I have learned a lot about relationship dynamics from my career as a dance instructor which started when I was 19 yrs old. At 19 yrs old I also realized the value of personal development when dealing and interacting with people of all ages and so my personal inquiry to become a better person started there as well. For the past 2 decades i have become an expert in the dynamics of relationships on and off the dance floor. My observations have lead me to believe in the power of connection. Without connection there is no relationship. My years instructing people to dance have given me countless examples of how connection is attained on the dance floor and my personal development journey has shown me how to transfer those skills on to other kinds of interactions and conversations.

When researching how to bring these skills to larger contexts like teams or bigger groups of people I fell in love with Appreciative Inquiry (AI) One of the AI tenets is to create “Conversations Worth Having” and over the past 2 years I have started focusing on the value of Appreciative Inquiry as my main lens of viewing the world and have been certified by the FLI Flourishing Leadership Institute and am an active member of their ongoing intensive yearly certification called L.E.A.F ( Leading with Experiential and Appreciative Facilitation).

I now coach individuals, parents, couples, and teams on the value of creating connection in all their interactions and thus having meaningful relationships everywhere they go.