Singles E.D.G.E. Event

Escape the online dating world and start meeting people in real life!

E xplore 
D ance
G enerate
E xcitement! 

So many singles events focus on the pressure of finding a partner, but we want to turn that thinking on its head. We think that singles events should be about connecting with everyone, you never know what new friends you will meet and where those connections will take you. Finding a partner is more about expanding your network, not getting lucky enough to find a needle in a haystack just by attending a singles event. We will share the importance of creating new friendships that open up networks of new friends.

This event is designed to give singles an e.d.g.e. in experiences that will open them up in ways to really make connections with others. You will learn through dance, conversations, listening, and connecting.

Evening Overview:

  • 30 minute purposeful connecting session
  • 60 minute introductory dance lesson
  • 60 minute conversation and connection session
  • 30 minute dance party to try out our new moves

Customized Versions of the Experience






Sep 19 2020


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


1000 Rivers Studio
54 E 4th Avenue, Vancouver BC,

Reach Me

hello [at] ninaperez [dot] ca


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