Security… Which is best?

People, including myself, have often thought that financial success will bring about security. However as I look back over time when I have felt the most secure about my life, it has not been times when I have had financial security. Sure it is helpful to be doing well financially, no question. However I believe what Tim Hamilton, owner of Astonished Designs says “security comes from relationships.”

One of my easiest examples to share about this was when I was going through some financial trouble years ago. I desperately wanted to travel to a training which I had paid for already in advance. I was sure it was going to help me turn things around (and it did!). However, I couldn’t afford the airfare when it came time to go. I was talking to one of my friends about this. Then he asked me, “is this important to you?” Of course I said “yes” and then he said, “Done, I bought your ticket.”

One of my hardest examples was when I was pregnant and decided to co-parent with Gavin’s dad and be a single parent. My support network created the security I needed to be confident that I would be ok, and able to do this. People came out of everywhere to share their support. Gavin and I thrive because of our network, family, and friends.

Making sure you have strong relationships is the best kind of security.

Who do you support? Who has your back and you their’s? How do you nourish your support network?