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Our mission

Thrive Today! provides the tools for your to deepen your self-awareness, your relationships and help you design the charmed lifestyle of your choosing. 

What We Do

We do one on one coaching and hold interactive workshops. We teach you about connecting with others and elevate your interactions with all the people you meet.

Less struggle now

Before Nina, I would get into power struggles in relationships because I was focused on my needs foremost. Nina helped me using real life scenarios, specifically written communications, to discover that I could still meet my needs without alienating or overpowering someone. Nina’s great skill is maintaining curiosity and asking questions, even in difficult relations. She taught me how to recognize my assumptions, how to lead with appreciation, and how to connect with people to resolve problems – all in an inclusive style and with grace. Nina has helped me like who I am and how I show up in all my relationships.  Thank you Nina!

Maki Hanawa