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Our mission

Thrive Today! provides the tools for your to deepen your self-awareness, your relationships and help you design the charmed lifestyle of your choosing. 

What We Do

We hold Interactive Workshops that involve dancing and teach the deeper skill of Connection. We teach you about connecting with others not only in the dance, but in every other type of interaction you have in life.

Are you curious about 

  • How to connect with others when you are single?
  • How to deepen your connection with your partner?
  • How to connect professionally with a new colleague?
  • How to connect with your kids?

In our events we provide access to connection, a different approach to personal development, self-inquiry, and self-actualization. We teach all the topics that will connect you with the “ME” – “WE’ and “US” parts of your life. We strive to offer experiential, transformative and unforgettable events to deepen your awareness on all 3 levels. 

ME – Yourself

WE – Your Relationships

US – Your World

Our secret sauce is that we combine connection games, dance learning, and designed appreciative inquiry style conversations to deepen how we interact and go from superficial small talk to open, honest, warm dialogue. We have events for singles and for couples.

Upcoming Workshops

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